Aug 072019

Responsible for researching, testing, and developing solutions to environmental problems. Creates processes in relation to water and air pollution control, waste disposal, recycling, and public health issues. §  Review, prepare, and update environmental investigation and recommendation reports. 1)     Create solutions to environmental problems. 2)     Build upon existing solutions to make them better. 3)     Conduct hazardous […]

Jul 112019

Read content and correct for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar Publish content in different fields and update the Company’s News Website on an hourly basis Rewrite copy to make it easier for readers to understand Help increase traffic to our site, present quality content, and offer an excellent user experience to our website visitors […]

Jul 042019

e of multimedia artist or animator who creates three-dimensional models or visuals of items using a variety of different computer software programs and tools. … However, these professionals may also create 3D models for scientists, architects, engineers and more. Job Details Posted Date: 2019-07-03 Job Location: Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia Job Role: Design, Creative, and […]